Monday, October 18, 2010

Speaking Clock Revue review in The Boson Globe

When I read crap like this I just shake my head;
[About Elton/Leon's set] While bold, their six-song set often felt out of step with the rest of the show, built on the notion that you cant have too much of a good thing. That left songs such as Gone to Shiloh (with a cameo by Allman) and Monkey Suit overstuffed, featuring the full house band, a horn section, four powerhouse soul sisters wailing behind them, plus the dueling pianos. The ear simply didnt know where to tune in.

This commenter hits it out of the park;
The show was fantastic. Mr. Reed, you are seriously wrong about the Elton/Leon set. It sounded amazing from where I was sitting. The drive of all of those fantastic (Neko was right--where are you going to find a better band?) musicians was like thunder on Monkey Suit and Hey Ahab. Such an expansive sound and all of it brilliantly played. Allman's performance was very poignant. Frail from his recent surgery, thanking the the donor of his liver and nervous but sincerely glad to be there. Them there Secret Sisters are going place, I'm telling you. The weak link in all of this was Mellencamp who plays with what comes off as what looks like a serious chip on his shoulder about something. What that something is is anyone's guess. And the songs? No better or worse than the rest of his catalogue. But then there was Elvis, Neko, that band! All of that--AND--Jeff Bridges. Just a great night.

The rest of the review can be found here.

Some videos from the show, pretty good quality;

The Speaking Clock Revue - Gregg Allman - Floating Bridge

The Speaking Clock Revue - Jeff Bridges

The Speaking Clock Revue - Gregg Allman & Neko Case - Midnight Rider

The Speaking Clock Revue - Leon Russell & Elton John - If It Wasn't For Bad

The Speaking Clock Revue - Leon Russell & Elton John w/Gregg Allman - Gone To Shiloh