I’m kind of kvelling (which is Yiddish for tweeting, I think) about Elton John and Leon Russell’s album, “The Union,” set to be released on October 19th.
Sorry I can’t wait ten more days. And also, it’s a collaboration among Elton, Leon, and BernieTaupin, the lyricist who must be given dollops of credit. This trio has fashioned a landmark album, the kind of thing we used to take for granted in the good old Seventies and even Eighties.
“The Union” is indeed a union of these remarkable talents, but not only them. The group of musicians included comprises Neil Young on a surprise vocal, Rose Stone (sister of Sly) on percussion, and a group of legendary vets like Jim Keltner, Marc Ribot, George Bohanon, Robert Randolph, and Don Was.The whole package is produced by T Bone Burnett with wit, grace, intelligence, and a true understanding of all these musicians’ artistry.