Friday, March 02, 2007

Some 60th Birthday Concert setlist news...

From Adam Chester;

Welcome to!

2007 is starting off with a bang, as on March 25th, I’ll be taking part in Elton’s birthday concert at Madison Square Garden! He’s planning on playing songs he hasn’t played in decades. “Ballad of a Well Known Gun”, “Where To Now St. Peter”, “Madman Across the Water”. Amazing songs! 34, to be exact, that I had to learn or re-learn to play with the band! On top of all that, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus will be joining Elton on stage for the concert for about 15 songs. I was hired to transcribe their choir charts! I had to get lots of help to put it all down on paper, but it’s finally ready to be sung! I may, (and I say may, cuz I really don’t know at this time), also be conducting the choir for the performance! Who knows. All I do know for certain right now, is that I’ll soon be in New York, eating cannolis, buying some cool clothes for me, my wife and my 2 sons (o.k., probably just me)…, and rehearsing with the Elton John Band and Youth Choir!

I’ll put up pix as they happen.

According to Elton's website, "in the USA, the full concert will be broadcast digitally by MSN!" This will be his record-breaking 60th appearance at the Garden!

If Elton does "The Ballad of a Well-Known Gun" I will be astonished and stunned!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Entire" Elton back catalog available for download starting March 26

The entire catalog?

If "Ego" is not available then its not the entire catalog. If "Tortured" and "Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You" (or whatever it was called) is not available its not the entire catalog! If "Take Me Down To The Ocean" is not available...well you get the point!

Renamed: Rocket Man - Number Ones

It's been renamed "Rocket Man: Number Ones" even if all of them were not number on on the charts. The Beatles did the same thing saying that they were number one somewhere so I guess Elton can do it to.