Friday, February 06, 2009

Oh joy!

Elton John For Emenim album?

It’s claimed the wig haired star will appear on Relapse when it’s released this year…

Sir Elton John could feature on the new album by rapper Eminem- according to reports.

The Independent newspaper says the pair were spotted together in a Detroit studio late last year and may have recorded together. A source told them: “He stayed half a week… No one realised the significance, though the Detroit Free Press did mention that Elton had been in town.

“He and Em worked together before, when they did that duet at the Grammys, and had always said that they'd record something original together. Em has huge respect for Elton, and the feeling is mutual.”
Elton John is a long time fan of Shady despite accusations of homophobia leveled at the rapper.

The unlikely friends performed Stan at the Grammys way back in 2001.
The witness told the paper: “Elton really gets his music. Anything they produce will be total dope.

“Some of Em's biggest records have been collaborations with mainstream pop stars – Dido on Stan, for example – and they really don't come much bigger, or more mainstream, than the man with the red piano."

50 Cent and Dr Dre are already confirmed to appear on Relapse when it’s released this Spring.