Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Report: Billboard SoundScan Released With Incomplete Data?

It appears that Best Buy sales data may not have made it into the Billboard/Soundscan charts for this week...

Billboard SoundScan Released With Incomplete Data?

September 27, 2006

Before you dive into this week's Billboard SoundScan sales numbers, keep in mind that the chart was likely released without information from retail giant Best Buy. Yesterday (9/26), SoundScan alerted all paid subscribers via email that the numbers for the week may be inaccurate and that they will "extrapolate" for the missing sales data. The company also warned clients to be "advised that there may be anomalies in the data for the week ending 9/24/06."

SoundScan did not indicate what retail information was missing, but two record companies indicated to FMQB that data seems to show Best Buy's sales data was not included. SoundScan would not confirm this with either company.

One company explained the missing data to its staff like this: "Soundscan weighted the other retailers in each market to estimate market sales for the week. Don't 'add in' additional sales. There will be aberrations based on some titles that Best Buy may do better with but the totals have been supplemented already. SoundScan will repost everything if Best Buy can get their data in a timely fashion. Since Best Buy ran sales on most of the new titles, debuts could be smaller than actual size."

In a press release, Megaforce Records questioned why it is paying $26,000 a year to receive sales numbers from SoundScan, stating: "Shouldn't it be SoundScan's job to report the actual sales numbers, not a guessing game?" Megaforce is concerned over a debut by Mushroomhead on the SoundScan chart that shows only 12,183 units sold when another sales tracking company had them selling closer to 26,000.

"The Captain & The Kid" US & UK debuts

Elton John's new album "The Captain & The Kid" has debuted on the UK chart at #6. See here. The album also debuted at #18 in the US on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.