Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some "Captain and The Kid" song titles...

An article in the latest issue of EEL reveals several song titles from Elton John's upcoming album "The Captain and The Kid" due in September. The article quotes Davey Johnstone with the following information;

  • "The tracks were done live. I'd say about 50% of the songs were done live, meaning we cut the piano, guitars, bass, drums, live."
  • "Very organic, meaning it's very piano, bass, drums, guitar based. Kind of like the old days".
  • "The first song is called 'Postcards for Richard Nixon'. So it's basically from then until now, and he talks about what it was like when they first came over there, and basically what's happened from then on."
  • "There's even some talk of a vinyl release."
  • Davey says that he is most proud of a song called 'Noah's Ark.' "Because it is a real rocker, and it seriously rocks. It rocks very hard, and we have a surprise guest on the track actually (Elton's dog-Arthur). We decided to do things like we used to do in the old days."

Several other track titles have emerged, however I do not know the source for these additional titles; UPDATE: (ok, they are also from EEL)

Postcards For Richard Nixon (from EEL)
Noah's Ark (from EEL)
The Bridge (from EEL)
The Captain and The Kid (from EEL)

A few more tidbits on the new album from EEL;

Davey said that the album ended up with 10 songs on it. Apparently there was an 11th song, but "Elton took it off the album because he felt that it was a little bit flippant. It talked about the way he dressed, his sexual preference, the scandals and all that stuff, and he said, you know we've
been down that road, lets get away from that. We don't need to be going

"There's another song called 'The Bridge'. "It's gonna be an all-time classic. You hear it one time and you go oh holy sh*t this is what it's all about. It's about what you have to give up and what you have to do to get to where you get to. But it just gives you shivers."

"The song 'The Captain and the Kid' is a great song itself. It's actually the last song on the cd"And he talked a little about the album art.

"There's talk about doing a substantial vinyl release, to do an album cover, it will be intricate, do a little mirror thing back to the original one."