Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Akon: Chris Brown is my man!

A guy who "allegedly" simulates rape on stage says he'd work with a guy who "allegedly" beat the crap out of Rihanna...
AP - Akon who has gone through legal woes and bad publicity himself says he'd be willing to work with pop's latest problem child, Chris Brown.

Elton and Billy not playing NYC until 2010?

That's the word from Newsday;
Sorry, Billy Joel and Elton John fans. You will have to wait until next year to come face to face with the "Face to Face" tour in the New York area

As opposed to some new old songs?

Elton John, Billy Joel play same old songs - Reuters
Elton John, Billy Joel play same old songs
Tue Mar 3, 2009 9:51pm EST

By Jeff Vrabel

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (Billboard) - Elton John and Billy Joel's latest tour kicked off to a packed house in Jacksonville, Fla., on Monday, operating under the simple business model: maximized reward, exceedingly minimized risk.

The three-plus-hour event was steeped in hits and nostalgia. The youngest song was the title track from Joel's last pop album, 1993's "River of Dreams."

After a timely spin through "Allentown," Joel's 1982 ballad of economic gloom, Joel said: "Speaking of unemployment, we're just happy you're keeping us in business. We're happy to have a job."

Joel's words rang true, but there wasn't much worry about that: They last toured together in 2003, when they grossed $45.8 million from just 24 shows, all sellouts. Top tickets prices for this tour are similar to those of the 2003 dates: around $175.

"Our ticket prices are the same as you'd see anyone else, but there's two of us," John said in a November 2008 appearance on "The View." "In this day and age, we hope to be getting people value for their money."

Many of the dates on the tour are configured in 360 degrees, significantly boosting capacity in those arenas.

As on previous treks, the two men performed together at the top of the show, with their individual bands for hour-long sets, and then reunited for encores that included John's "The Bitch Is Back," a Beatles medley, and Joel's "Piano Man."

The itinerary, which includes two summer performances at Chicago's Wrigley Field, is still under construction, and will be for some time yet. During his set, John said he was looking forward to "a couple of years" of dates. The tour next visits Tampa's St. Pete Times Forum on Thursday.

(Editing by Dean Goodman at Reuters)

Second Spin: Live In Australia

A second look from the River Front Times...
Maybe it's just because this is my favorite Elton John song anyway, but it was one of the only tracks that didn't seem completely bloated and overblown with the 88-piece orchestra booming behind it.